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Make your penguin fly well


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Have you ever seen those championships where skiers jumps from a trampoline and must 'fly' and land as further as they can? Now you can play a similar game, but this time you'll forget the skiers and the skis, in Mtp Target it's a penguin who jumps and fly.

It's very funny and amusing. After rolling down a giant ramp, you must delicately land your penguin on the platform which will reward you with the most points. Depending on the platform you'll land you'll earn different points, so you must choose the on with the highest number of point written on it.

Mtp Target is a multiplayer game that allows up to 16 players and offers an easy tutorial for new players that will allow you to enjoy it up.

Use the up arrow to speed up when rolling down and when you'll be high enough, press CTRL to fly and use the up and down arrows to control your flight. When you'll be above your goal, press CTRL and you'll go into a spin.

Graphics are very funny and the music is very good. Finally we have to say that it will take only 5 minutes to learn but weeks to master, you'll get addicted.